octagonal drum paper honeycomb core maching new using feild

publisher: cindy xie
Time: 2012-12-20

Traditional paper honeycomb core art work use hand, which the working efficiency is very low.

Now we use the octagonal drum paper honeycomb core machine to make this paper honeycomb core art work, and the working efficiency is largely increased and the paper honeycomb core art work is very nice.

Wuxi Yalian honeycomb machinery plant which has more than 13years in this paper honeycomb core machine making.Our octagonal drum honeycomb core machine with very stable quantity, and the honeycomb core very tidy , even and nice.

Following are the paper  honeycomb core art work from this machine:



Except this half automatically paper honeycomb machine,we also has the full automatically paper honeycomb machine, which has very low wastage percentage, very porpular in market.

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