4 cell size in line paper honeycomb machine

From: Honeycomb machine
publisher: cindy
Time: 2015-03-23
Summary: 4 cell size in line to short the cell size interchange time

Normally the honycomb machine only has 2 cell size in line, for 2 cell size interchange, it is easy and fast;but if it is the third cell size needs to be used, it will take long time to change. In order to save this problem: Yalian Honeycomb machiney studied the 4 cell size in line, although it is 4 cell size in line which makes the gluing distance longer, but our mature technologue also can make the honeycomb core cells aligned and very nice looking.

For this 4 cell size in line machine, we had sold 4 sets, now in our factory it is the fifth machine.If you have intresting, please contact with me, i can show you vidoes and pictures, and if you have time , Yalian welcome to you!

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