FJQ-1600 paper slitter and rewinder
FJQ-1600 paper slitter and rewinder

Product review


Hydro cylinder type and Cylinder type FJQ-1600 paper slitter and rewinder mainly use to make the paper roll and other paper tube cut into the requested specification strips, then automatically rewind to paper disc for further using. This paper slitter can automatically enhance base paper roll construction and cutter bar up-down shift construction. This paper rewinder is easy to operate & easy to take apart, slitting with high accuracy, and the paper disc surface after slitting is tidy and smooth. Machine video:


FJQ-1600 paper slitter and rewinder

Base paper roll max width


Base paper roll min width


Rewind roll diameter


Rewinding max speed


Main motor power

Hydro cylinder 11kw; cylinder 9kw

Max slitter numbers


Machine dimension




Machine Characteristics:

A, automatically load & unload base paper disc, convince operation

B. after slitting the paper disc will peel off automatically, no need to beat

C. outer roll construction to make sure the paper disc strong & compact after slitting, and accordingly enhance the tension when rolling.

D. optimized the stopping system control device, make the data more accuracy and more stable when operation make adjust.

E. excellent cutter and construction make sure the slitting paper with high accuracy.