Hydraulic paper mill roll stand
Hydraulic paper mill roll stand



Machine Details

Chinese supplier rolling paper reel stand

Rolling paper reel stand for three types: Full hydraulic type; Semi hydraulic type and Mechanical type. But from the holding paper rolls quantity, we have two types: double rolls mill stand and single rolls mill stand. For Full hydraulic type recommend using in fast speed production line such corrugated line; for lower speed , it can use mechanical type.

Max Clamping Width
Max Clamping Diameter
Min Clamping Width
Min Clamping Diameter
Single Max Weight
Working Pressure
Air switch
French Schneider
Pneumatic components
Japan SMC or taiwan airTAC

Multi Point Brake

• Single or Two-point brake for low-speed production line
• Multi-point brake for high-speed production line• 


• Tooth chuck is more durable 
• Expansion chuck don't wear paper core

Clamping Controller

• Champing controlled by air cylinder or motor

Main Features:

1)Adopt hydraulic or motor drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and others,the lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic or motor drive.
2)Brake adjustable adopts multipoint braking system.
3)The range of clamping paper:Max: 1600mm and Min :1000mm 
4)Clamping diameters:Max: ¢1500mm  and Min: ¢350mm

5)Main shaft diameter of paper holder:¢242mm

6)gas source work pressure(Mpa):0.4---0.8Mpa